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Profil Singkat Aditya Wishnu Perdana

Aditya Wishnu Perdana
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E-commerce Key Account Manager
Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
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An Enthusiast on digital shifting and digital disruption


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  • Aditya Wishnu Perdana mengomentari posting • 2bln2bln
    Hi Jessica, I've tried for several times to apply for this role. but it seems there are some technical problem so we cannot apply for this position ya?attached capture information that always showed each time I submit my application …lihat lebih banyak
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  • E-commerce Key account Manager
    PT Tjhindatama Mulia (Madame Gie Cosmetics) · Purnawaktu Des 2022 - Saat ini · 1 thn Jakarta, Indonesia · Di lokasi
  • Business Development Relationship Management
    Shopee · Purnawaktu Jan 2022 - Okt 2022 · 10 bln Jakarta, Indonesia
      • 1. Handling up to 10 Key account on shopee mall short tail Brand on category Women clothes 2. Acting as consultant for performance Month to month progress, help them grow to reach revenue growth target 20-40% year on year 3. Coordinate strategically with each Key account to help grow their performance on shopee 4. Educate key account on how investment spend can be additional factor to growing their business. 5. Monitoring Key account investment efficiency in terms of using shopee iklanku, OM Cpas, live sale, and paid campaign. 6. Analyzing Key account investment conversion to sales and to organic traffic growth 7. Educate key account on how Conversion to sales can be trigger by promo discont, cashback, voucher, Etc. 8. Monitoring key account pricing strategy, stock availability, competitiveness, monthly discount shift, and monthly voucher effectiveness as key factor to grow their revenue. 9. Analyzing and reviewing key account performance on quarterly basis. to find additional factor that can help boosting their performance in the future 10. Coordinate with internal and external stakeholder regarding ad hoc issue, miss communication, exposure, campaign
  • Business Development Specialist
    ATLAS Vending Machine · Purnawaktu Sep 2020 - Okt 2021 · 1 thn 2 bln Jakarta, Indonesia
      • 1. Acquire new 4 key account from FMCG group company for Atlas and contribute IDR 700 Mio as a revenue stream. 2. Manage Atlas Key account in the use of vending machine and provide channel for selling and branding as a benefit for FMCG, skin care, cosmetics, fashion, and retail industry. 4. Utilize and analyzing vending machine use by mapping variable and key factor on growing revenue from vending machine. 5. Analyze and offer partnership scheme with key account and external stakeholders to describe the cost and benefits of the company to management. 7. Retain business relationship by manage relationship with location owner such as shopping mall, office building, apartment residential, hospital, and several industries to ensure vending machine activity performs well. 8. Maintain relationship with external stakeholders above, by understanding their framework thinking on their industry. 9. Manage and supervise internal and external coordination to ensure what we provide is match with client needs. 10. Create and brainstorm strategic plan and implement vending machine business to fit in with client marketing plan. 11. planning and discuss with client and internal team to create best visual planogram on vending machine.
  • Business Development
    HIGO · Purnawaktu Jan 2019 - Mei 2020 · 1 thn 5 bln Jakarta, Indonesia
      • Location Acquisition 1. Research potential location and acquire partners to develop new free wi-fi location. 2. Provide partnership cost properness & presenting valuable benefit from partnership 3.Create P&L analysis and traffic growth projection for acquiring location 4. Develop business scheme for partner adjustment. 5. Bridging communication between company objective and partners needs. 6. Analyze potential issue and revenue that appear among partners. 7. Provide, manage, and execute solution for good partnership. 8. Manage IT network and developer to have good testing and result performance 9. Retain Business relationship. Advertising Channel 1. Introducing advertising digital media through wifi platform. 2. Build partnership with advertising agency in terms of using wifi ads. 3. Create strategic plan and implement wifi ads platform to answer the KPI that set up by digital ads clients. 4. Planning, discussing, and working with agency partners to combine wifi ads platform and other digital ads platform such as, SEO, SEM, Programmatic, Social ads, KOL / influencer marketing, etc to answer the KPI 5, Manage team design, data analyst, IT Network & developer to ensure the quality of product and location is suit on the market.
  • Credit Analyst
    PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk. · Purnawaktu Mar 2015 - Okt 2018 · 3 thn 8 bln jakarta


  • Universitas Indonesia (UI)Universitas Indonesia (UI) Master's degree, Communication and Media StudiesMaster's degree, Communication and Media Studies 2016 - 20182016 - 2018
  • Universitas Sultan Ageng TirtayasaUniversitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa Bachelor's degree, EconomicsBachelor's degree, Economics Agu 2009 - Okt 2014Agu 2009 - Okt 2014


  • E-CommerceE-Commerce
  • Strategic PartnershipsStrategic Partnerships
  • Digital MarketingDigital Marketing
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